Jerry Springer to Launch New Court Show 'Judge Jerry' 

Jerry Springer visits AOL Build to discuss 25 years of his TV show at AOL Studios In New York on May 19, 2016 in New York City.
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Get ready to see Jerry Springer in a whole new light.

Springer -- most famous for his longrunning tabloid talk show, The Jerry Springer Show -- is getting a new program titled Judge Jerry, in which he'll listen to testimony and render verdicts in front of a studio audience, NBC Universal Television Distribution announced on Monday. Springer has a Juris Doctor degree from Northwestern University, and was previously a partner in the law firm of Grinker, Sudman & Springer before getting involved in politics, and later, journalism.

“For the first time in my life, I am going to be called honorable,” Springer said in a statement about his new show. “My career is coming full circle and I finally get to put my law degree to use after all these years.”

Judge Jerry debuts in fall 2019.

ET spoke with the 74-year-old television personality in June, when he set the record straight on The Jerry Springer Show ending after 27 seasons. Springer explained that although they've technically stopped production on the show famous for its scandalous topics, there are "dozens" of new episodes that were still airing.

"A deal has been made with The CW and so our show will be on in most cities twice a day," he shared. "It will be mostly from the shows we've done, so every once in a while you'll be seeing shows where I look a lot younger."

He also teased his new venture.

"Other people have come and talked about possible television projects, but I don't know that I can maintain this schedule that... has been insane for all these years," he noted at the time.

For more with Springer, watch the video below:


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