Jesse Camp, Former MTV VJ, No Longer Missing After Police Investigated Possible Disappearance

Riverside Police confirmed that they were looking into the whereabouts of the former TV personality after his sister filed a missing persons report over the weekend.

Former MTV VJ Jesse Camp is no longer considered missing, following an investigation by the Riverside Police Department. The 38-year-old star was reported missing by his sister, Marisha Camp, after she stopped hearing from him over a week ago.

On Tuesday, Officer Ryan Railsback tweeted that they got in contact with Camp and that his family has been notified.

"Josiah 'Jesse' Camp is no longer considered missing. He was contacted by a local law enforcement agency a short time ago and not in need of any assistance," the tweet read. "His family has been notified. No further information will be released."

The Riverside Police Department told ET on Monday that Marisha "filed a report with our department last week on the 19th stating he was missing," and that, through her own search and by reaching out to friends, she'd "ended up talking to somebody who claimed that he was last seen in [Riverside, California]," although they explained that they do not know for sure if he was actually ever in the city.

According to police, Jesse's sister reported that she last had contact with her brother "around the 11th or the 12th" of July, which she told officers was "unusual." Police told ET that Marisha said Jesse "may have been depressed lately."

"Right now we do not see anything dealing with foul play," a police spokesperson explained, adding, "We don’t have any suspicion or reason to believe that he's in any danger."

The Riverside Police later posted to their Facebook page, asking for any available information about Jesse, while reiterating that there "does not appear to be anything suspicious" about him being missing.

Marish took to her Instagram story on July 19 to share a plea with her followers for information regarding her brother's whereabouts.

"If anyone has seen or heard from my brother Jesse since Saturday, please, please, please reach out to me or ask him to call home!!!" she wrote, over a video showing a number of photos of Jesse.

Marisha Camp/Instagram

A spokesperson for the Fontana Police Department told ET on Monday that a Fontana police officer stopped Camp outside a Sherwin Williams paint store for a "pedestrian check" on July 19 at 10:20 a.m., hours before his sister filed the missing persons report in Riverside. A bike patrol officer made contact with Camp, and they verified his ID and left after confirming he was alright. The reasons for the pedestrian check was not immediately known. 

Fontana Police also reported that Camp had been booked, and later released, at West Valley Detention Center on May 21 for alleged possession of methamphetamine. However, no additional information was available.

Jesse first gained fame when he won MTV's first Wanna Be a VJ contest in 1998. Friends and family have been in communication on social media sharing various unconfirmed reports of his possible location and reason for being incommunicado, but no contact has yet been confirmed since he was reported missing.

--Additional reporting by Steve Wilks.