Jessica Chastain Speaks Out on Harassment in Hollywood: This Is More Than Just a Gender Issue (Exclusive)

The ‘Molly’s Game’ star and her director, Aaron Sorkin, open up to ET about the climate of their industry following a string of sexual harassment scandals.

Jessica Chastain admits she doesn’t want to be a part of Hollywood, the industry, as it stands now.

“When you think about the industry, you know, encouraging people to stay closeted … not showing stories of women with their own agency and leading their own stories, and also, actually, ignoring many groups, many demographics in our country … for me, that's not an industry that I actually want to be a part of,” the star tells ET at a press day for her new film, Molly’s Game.

Chastain is, of course, speaking out after a string of scandals have rocked her industry, with many coming forward accusing powerful Hollywood men of sexual harassment and assault, dating back decades.

“I think it's more than just about gender,” Chastain says. “It's about everything in this industry. I mean, this industry, we're very quick to separate ourselves from the current administration, or things that are going on in the world.”

“I want to be a part of an industry that is very inclusive,” she adds. “One that teaches empathy, and the only way you do that is, you learn about someone who doesn't look like you. And I think there's a generation of artists that that is their goal.”

The timing of the release of Molly’s Game seems almost kismet, as the movie takes on the issue of a woman navigating a world controlled by men. Chastain plays Molly Bloom, the so-called real life “Poker Princess” who ran one of the most profitable underground poker games ever -- and lost everything, partially because she protected the men who took her down.

“Molly Bloom is a very strong woman who navigates a world of very powerful and kinda creepy men,” writer-director Aaron Sorkin shares with ET. “If I could trade the fortuitous timing of the movie for the world, particularly my industry, to be different, I would. But yes, the movie is suddenly as relevant as it could possibly be.”

“That's what makes me so excited about this film coming out now,” Chastain says. “That's what makes me so excited about the conversations that are happening between artists, is that, we're kinda taking over. It's like, you know what? OK, there's a new group coming forward and we want to showcase the world that we see around us.”

Molly’s Game is in theaters on Dec. 25. Stick with ET for more on the movie.