'Jessica Jones' Takes a Shot at Spider-Man in New Season 2 Teaser -- Watch!


The hard-drinking P.I.-turned-hero is back for more on March 8.

Jessica Jones is back for more!

Marvel's hard-drinking P.I.-turned-hero -- played to surly perfection by Krysten Ritter -- returns a for second season on Netflix in the spring, and if the new teaser is any indication, she's not slowing down for anyone. 

"Everyone has secrets," Jessica warns in the clip. "If not their own, then someone else's."

But it seems some of the season two secrets Jessica will be diving deepest into include her own, as she searches for more answers about the origin of her superhuman powers. 

"Knowing what was done to you might help you," insists Jessica's BFF and voice of reason, Trish (Rachael Taylor).

But, ever the pessimist, Jessica can't help but wonder, "What if facing it makes me worse?"

The teaser clip also includes a look at returning fan favorite Malcolm (Eka Darville), a potential love interest in Jessica's new building super, Oscar (Power star J.R. Ramirez), and a parting shot at another Marvel superhero from the five boroughs: Spider-Man.

"If you say, 'With great power comes great responsibility,'" Jessica snarks, "I throw up on you."

Jessica Jones season two premieres March 8 on Netflix.