Jessica Mulroney's Husband Ben Steps Down From TV Host Role Following Her Scandal

The former 'etalk' anchor hopes his replacement is 'Black, Indigenous, or a person of color.'

Jessica Mulroney's husband is stepping away from his TV hosting gig. During an episode of CTV's Your Morning, Ben Mulroney announced that he will be leaving his anchor role in order to "create space for a new perspective and a new voice." 

Ben's announcement came after Black influencer Sasha Exeter said that Jessica "took offense" to her call to action amid the Black Lives Matter movement and used her "textbook white privilege" to send her a "threat in writing." Jessica has since apologized, saying that she needs "to do better" when it comes to "engaging in the important and difficult conversation around race and injustice in our society."

"I love my wife, however, it is not my place to speak for her," Ben said. "And today, together, we are both committed to doing the work to understand more about anti-Black racism as well as learn and understand more about our blind spots."

For Ben, that work began with him "acknowledging" that his privilege benefited him "greatly." 

"While I have certainly worked hard to build my career, I know that systemic racism and injustice helps people like me and harms those who aren't like me, often in ways that are invisible to us," he said. "This needs to change."

The need for "more Black voices, more Indigenous voices, more people of color in the media, as well as every other profession," led to Ben's decision to "immediately step away" from his role of anchor.

As for who will replace him, Nanci MacLean, vice-president of Bell Media Studios, said that decision is a "few weeks" away. Ben, though, said that he hopes that the "new anchor is Black, Indigenous, or a person of color."

"It is my hope that... they can use this important platform to inspire, to lead and to make change," he said, before noting that he will continue to contribute to the morning show on occasion.

In her statement, MacLean added that she and the network are "proud of Ben for his decision."

"Ben has played an integral role in the success of etalk, acting as a tireless champion of Canadian artists and producers," she added.

Following Jessica's controversy, her show, I Do, Redo, was removed from its network, CTV's, channel and platform. Additionally, Mulroney, a stylist, will no longer appear on Good Morning America, the morning show where she often served as a contributor. 

A source recently told ET that Meghan Markle, Jessica's friend, has "distanced herself from Jessica" amid the controversy.

"The comments were unacceptable and offensive," the source said. "[Meghan's friends have been] concerned for some time that Jessica has been profiting from her relationship with Meghan and using it to further her brand. That's something [Prince] William and Harry have never accepted with any of their friends."

"Jessica made an error in judgment which was regrettable and for which she has apologized and made a vow to step back and learn from her insensitivity," the source added. "Regardless, Jessica has been a source of strength for Meghan in the past during some of her most difficult times. She even watched over [Markle's son] Archie."



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