Jessica Simpson Shares Her Strategy for Losing 100 Pounds

The entertainer recently posted a photo of herself in a bikini to celebrate her body transformation.

Jessica Simpson has figured out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On Monday's episode of The Real, co-host Jeannie Mai Jenkins asks the 41-year-old mom of three about her recent Instagram post of herself in a bikini.

"I have gained and lost 100lbs 3x so I never thought this moment could or would happen, but I’m finally spring breakin’ wearin’ a BIKINI!!!!!!" Simpson captioned the selfie. "Hard work Determination Self Love."

When asked how she was able to lose 100 pounds for a third time, Simpson admits that it took three years. "I call it determined patience. I believe in setting small goals for yourself, because in my life and how I’ve done it, there’s easy ways to throw in the towel and just feel like it’s impossible," she explains. "So, the small goals for me are what helped me achieve the main goal."

Simpson notes that "being in a bikini was never my main goal."

"I literally brought bathing suits on that trip without trying on a bikini, because I thought I was just going to be in a one-piece. When I put that two-piece on, I got super emotional, and I was like, ‘I did this, it happened,'" she shares. "So, it was just like in the moment and I wanted to share it with everyone because I was very proud of myself for doing what at times felt completely impossible."

Simpson adds, "I’ve lost 100 pounds three times. I definitely gain weight, a lot of weight in my pregnancies, I celebrate pregnancy, but this last pregnancy was really hard for me. I don’t know if it was because I was older, hormones and all kinds of stuff, but whoa, Birdie gave me a brutal stretch."

Simpson and husband Eric Johnson have three kids together, 3-year-old Birdie, 8-year-old Ace and 9-year-old Maxwell, and they recently took a family trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for the kids' spring break. During the vacation, Simpson confidently modeled yet another bikini and a sexy one-piece swimsuit.

And just last year, Simpson opened up to ET about a strategy that boosted her health journey -- ditching the scale!

"We have a goal, right? But I say throw out the scale," she advised. "I would use it like a measuring tape because the scale can literally mess our entire day up... I had Eric walk it to the trash can."

Simpson told ET that making this decision was extremely freeing for her. "I have to rid myself of measuring up to what weight I should be because I've had so many people tell me what weight I need to be and I think it's really about just how you feel," she said.

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