Jessie James Decker Gives Update on Son's Condition After He Was Hospitalized

Jessie James Decker at the 54th Academy Of Country Music Awards
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The scary incident marked 2-year-old Forrest's third trip to the hospital in six weeks.

Jessie James Decker is giving an update on her 2-year-old son, Forrest, who was hospitalized last month after he experienced breathing issues.

The scary incident marked Forrest's third trip to the hospital in six weeks, the 32-year-old singer shared at the time. On Wednesday, Decker said his breathing issues are caused by his asthma, which both she and her husband, former NFL player Eric Decker, also have.

"It turns out, he's just got asthma," she said in a video on her Instagram Story. "And it's at the level where he needs to be doing treatments on a daily basis, so, inhaler, nebulizer, all the things, and they're really hoping he grows out of it. So, nothing environmental, thank goodness, nothing that I could've done differently."

Late last month, Decker shared a heartbreaking photo of Forrest wearing an oxygen mask and revealed that she had to take him to the hospital.

"Every time he gets a tiny cold he starts wheezing and his oxygen levels drop and heart rate goes up," she wrote. "Ultimately I'm being told he has Asthma even though he's pretty young to diagnose. It's scary to watch his vitals drop, hear his grunting and see his chest struggling so much to take a breath. After he threw up for the 3rd time (I think from coughing so much) (no fever) I knew it was time to take him in."

Decker shared that Forrest was given stronger medication and was observed throughout the night, and was going to see an allergist to see if there's something that is triggering his breathing issues.

"So confusing for a parent to have this issue and just not know what to do or why it's happening," she acknowledged. "He was born full term and 9 lbs and no issues until last year and becoming more chronic. He's a champ but it breaks my heart when he tells me 'mommy my chest hurts' in his sad little voice."

Aside from Forrest, Decker is also a mom to her 6-year-old daughter, Vivianne, and her 5-year-old son, Eric II. ET spoke with her in September, where she talked about spending more time with her family while in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I've loved it," she said. "[But] I'm not gonna lie, it's been challenging at some points with the kids. It gets a little overwhelming."

Decker shared that it's been particularly tough getting some alone time with her husband.

"Well, the homeschooling was really hard, and I do feel like there were times where Eric and I just wanted to have some one-on-one alone time," she shared. "That was a little bit of a challenge, because we had to get creative in how to be alone together. We were with the kids 24/7, so it's like, oh my god, can we please just get some time alone, just have a conversation? But it's part of life, you know, they're little ones."

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