'Jexi' Set Visit: Adam DeVine and Justin Hartley on What to Expect From the Comedy (Exclusive)

ET was on the set of the comedy, which also co-stars Alexandra Shipp.

This is Adam DeVine's moment!

In his first lead role in a major film, the 35-year-old actor is showing people how one's phone can take over their life in Jexi. ET was exclusively on the San Francisco set, where DeVine, Alexandra Shipp and Justin Hartley dished on their upcoming comedy.

Jexi follows Phil (DeVine), a man whose cellphone's artificial intelligence program becomes obsessed with him.

"Rose Byrne plays the voice of Jexi," DeVine told ET while on set. "It's a lot of me interacting with the phone. It's a total different experience that I've ever had on any other movie…It's about putting your phones away and talking with people again."

That's where Shipp comes in as Cate, "who is the bike shop owner that kind of pulls Phil away from his phone and back into reality, showing him that what's right in front of your face is just as good as what's on your screen," per the actress.

There's also Brody, played by Hartley, who is Cate's ex and wants to win her back after a bit of self-reflecting and growing. After changing his mindset, perspective on life and more, Brody's "sort of going back and maybe rekindle an old flame," Hartley told ET.

Meanwhile, DeVine is elated to be the lead, but leave it to his dad to bring him down to Earth. "My dad, I told him about the movie and he's like, 'Oh, that's awesome. Who is the star?'" he recalled. "And I go, 'I'm the star, dad.' And he goes, 'No, but who's the main guy?' and I go, 'I'm the main guy, dad!' and he goes, 'Jesus!'"

Jexi is directed and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and also co-stars Michael Peña and Wanda Sykes. See more from the set in ET's video above.

Jexi arrives in theaters on Oct 11.