Jill Biden on Her Nightly Dates With Joe and How She Kept Up Her Faith After Son Beau's Death

Joe and Jill Biden
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It's all about making time for one another for President Joe Biden and wife Dr. Jill Biden.

The first lady sat down with Kelly Clarkson for a special episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she shared how having a nightly dinner date with her husband at the White House makes them a better couple, despite their busy schedules.

"He's so busy, I'm so busy, but we do keep dinner," Jill revealed. "And we have dinner together, no phones, the phones have to be off…We just sit and talk for awhile, and he has to go back to work into the night and I'm grading papers."

Additionally, the Bidens also make sure to have Sunday night dinner with their children. The president and first lady share a daughter, 39-year-old Ashley, while the president is also dad to Hunter, 51, and the late Beau and Naomi, who died in 2015 and 1972, respectively.

"We try to keep the Sunday night dinners," Jill said, adding that, "It's been a little busy lately. We still do it and the kids look forward to it and I think traditions really ground kids."

"It was funny, recently, my granddaughters called me and they said, 'Nana,' — you know I love to have a beautiful table with candles and flowers or whatever I can find two put on it — They said, 'Nana, we're making our own dinner and we're doing it Nana style. We have our candles,'" she shared. "So some of it has permeated [through the family]. I hope that they continue the traditions too."

During their conversation, Jill also touched on how she struggled to find faith after Beau's death after his battle with cancer.

"I prayed so hard every single day that he was going to live," she said about losing when he was 45 years old. "I felt like he was such a special person that god would let him live. I just prayed and prayed."

"It just wasn't meant to be," she continued, adding, "It was hard for me to keep my faith because I had believed so strongly in prayer that he would make it. It took me a long time, Kelly."

Jill added that it's been almost six years, and that one day she was in a church and a woman went up to her and said, "Jill I want to be your prayer partner." Not knowing what that meant, the two would have phone calls where they would pray together, and to this day, they communicate with each other on a weekly basis.

"And it really helped me find my faith again," she expressed. "I felt like that was a gift she gave me."

Over the years, the Bidens have made sure to honor the late Beau. See more on the couple in the video below.


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