Jimmy Kimmel Maps Out a Plan for His 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Future

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is already thinking about his 5-year-old daughter's future! During Thursday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 52-year-old host celebrated his daughter, Jane's, recent graduation from preschool.

"She's very proud about [graduating]. Even though, let's be honest, she got a degree in coloring," Kimmel quipped, before sitting down with the tot to "reflect on where she's been and to help her figure out where she's going."

While Jane noted that she's "kinda scared and excited" about entering kindergarten, she did confirm that she's decided to continue with her education in the fall, much to her dad's happiness. What she wasn't sure about was a summer job, something Jane said could "possibly" happen.

"Maybe I would save up money and get an art studio," she suggested, before estimating the cost of such a space to be "probably like $9."

Jane listed her strengths as spelling and running, causing her dad to suggest, "Maybe you could be a running, spelling artist."

"I could possibly do that," Jane replied seriously.

While Jane's weaknesses include an inability to pick flowers because of the thorns and no knowledge of Microsoft Excel, she had some jobs in mind where neither of those things would be an issue. Ice cream flavor tester and president both sounded like appealing options to Jane, while she rejected the possibility of becoming a zoo keeper or pigeon hunter.

As for if she'd want to follow in her dad's footsteps as a late-night talk show host, Jane had just one question.

"What does that even mean?" she asked. "So you talk late at night? No."

Even though Jane firmly refused to change her mom and dad's diapers when the time comes, her proud father still offered her his congratulations on her preschool graduation.

"Congratulations, young graduate," he said. "I hope you make it through the first grade."

Watch the video below for more with the Kimmel family. 


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