Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Named 'Time' Magazine's 2020 Person of the Year

The president elect and vice president elect were chosen as the Person of the Year for 2020.

After a year unlike any other, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been named Time magazine's 2020 Person of the Year.

The president-elect and vice-president elect were given the honor during the publication's Time Person of the Year event on Thursday, marking a historic year. Harris is the first Vice President to be included in the choice for Person of the Year.

In a surprising turnout, the two beat out Donald Trump and Mike Pence during the November elections.

“This moment was one of those do-or-die moments. Had Trump won, I think we would have changed the nature of who we areas a country for a long time," Biden tells Time.

The former VP also touches on why he decided to choose Harris as his running mate, explaining, "There were a number of extremely qualified women that I had called and asked whether they would be willing to be considered. She is straight as an arrow. She is really, really bright. She is tough."

"But yet she has a heart that understands what it’s like to be on the other side of prejudice," he continues. "She also was an immigrant’s daughter who was raised, in a strange way, like I was. We were taught that we could be anything. Don’t give up, just move, keep pushing. And I just found her to be someone who if, in fact, something happened to me, I knew they could take over. That’s Kamala."

Harris also acknowledges becoming the United States' first female vice president.

"It is one of my responsibilities. My mother had many sayings. She would say, 'Kamala, you may be the first to do many things; make sure you’re not the last.' Which is why [in my victory speech], I said, 'I will be the first, but I will not be the last,'" she expresses. "And that’s about legacy. That’s about leaving the door more open than it was when you walked in."

Additionally, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Frontline Health Workers and Racial-Justice Organizers were named the Guardians of the Year. BTS was dubbed as Entertainer of the Year and LeBron James is the Athlete of the Year.

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