Joe Biden's Granddaughters Share How They Knew 'He Had to Run' for President in Sweet DNC Moment

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There were plenty of sweet family moments during night four of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. Among them were Joe Biden's granddaughters -- Maisy, Finnegan, Naomi, and Natalie -- who couldn't help but praise their grandfather and share how they knew he had to run for president.

"Pop told us that this election would be totally different from any other election ever," Natalie explained. "He was worried how it would affect his kids."

"Whether or not we wanted to go through another campaign and be scrutinized by the press," continued Finnegan. They then shared how they called a family meeting to tell their grandfather to "get in that race."

"We just knew that he had to run, and we weren't going to take no as an answer," they expressed, with one adding, "At the end of the day, I think we're all very happy we had that meeting."

The four also shared that Biden is "always eating ice cream" and even eats it in the freezer so their grandmother, Jill Biden, doesn't see him. They also mentioned that he calls them every day, saying, "if we don't talk to him for like a day…he'll ask what's wrong."

"He always calls with the same energy, even after he's just done 15 interviews in a row," Maisy said.

Following their kind words, Biden took to Twitter to send his granddaughters a message.

"I love you girls so much. I couldn’t be prouder to be your Pop. #DemConvention," he tweeted.

Biden's children, Ashley, 39, and Hunter, 50, also appeared ahead of their father's keynote speech to laud him as "tough" and "honest."

"We want to tell you what kind of president our dad will be... He'll tell you the truth even when you don't want to hear it," Ashley said, with Hunter adding, "He'll never let you down."

"The strongest shoulder you can ever lean on," Hunter said, with Ashley adding, "He'll beam with pride every time you succeed."

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