Joe Manganiello Shares the Sweet Anniversary Surprise He Got Sofia Vergara

The actor also shared how they spent quarantine together.

Joe Manganiello recreated a magical moment for his and Sofia Vergara's fifth wedding anniversary. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Shoplifters of the World star shared how they celebrated five years of marital bliss

"Well, she surprised me. She put together a picnic outdoors, so we went outdoors. She put together these great picnic baskets, gourmet picnic baskets. I showed up with a blue mohawk," he told guest host tWitch, as the photo of them flashed on the screen. "Sorry for ruining our anniversary photo."

He then explained that they had their first date in New Orleans, and wanted something that represented that place. Manganiello and the former Modern Family star began dating in July 2014 and got married in November 2015.

"I got her — so, our courtship was in New Orleans. She was shooting a movie there with Reese Witherspoon and I was on a press tour," he recalled. "I took out a block of like 40 hours, I flew into New Orleans, said I'm taking you on a date, set up this elaborate date through New Orleans, and then flew back out. Came back two weeks later and then got to spend the time. So we spent about a week together and I took her to all the romantic places in New Orleans."

So to celebrate their anniversary, he rented out a beignet truck in Los Angeles reminiscent of their first date. "I knew she had the picnic. The truck pulled up during the picnic for us to go get dessert, to remind us of our courtship," he said.

Meanwhile, Manganiello "couldn't have asked for a better quarantine partner," he marveled. "I'm lucky. We have a great time." Over the past year, they have binged watch a lot of shows that Vergara has never seen.

"Sofia had never seen The Sopranos, Mad Men or The Wire," the actor shared. "So we watched every single episode of all of those shows, and a bunch of others too during the pandemic."

"It was like revisiting all the golden eras of TV that she had never seen before, which was really fun," he noted.

Manganiello chatted with ET this week where he did share that when he and Vergara are apart while working, he makes sure they are the last people they say goodnight to.

"When I am gone and on the road, I like to talk to her before I go to bed. Say goodnight," he told ET's Nischelle Turner, jokingly adding, "But no FaceTime sleeping."

He also talked about his "passion project" and independent film, Shoplifters of the World, saying, "We had 20 Smiths songs in the film, most of which have never appeared on film or television so that's really huge for us to get those."

"I play a radio DJ named Full Metal Nicky who is the DJ at the local hair metal station at Denver Colorado in 1987 and I get held up at gunpoint by Ellar Coltrane's character Dean," he teased. "He wants to impress a girl that he is in love with and he is so distraught over the breakup of The Smiths that he holds me at gunpoint and forces me to play The Smiths, which my character hates but I love it in real life."

Hear more in the video below.