Joel Madden Talks Turning 40 and Why He's Avoiding Botox

Joel Madden
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"I have trouble trusting the idea of that stuff."

Joel Madden isn’t fighting the aging process!

The 39-year-old Good Charlotte frontman is approaching 40 with a very laissez-faire attitude. 

“I'm going to be 40 in March and I look like crap right now. I'm jet lagged and I was up late last night, but, I mean for me, aging is whatever. Why fight it?” Madden asked Jana Hocking and Carla 'Biggzy' Bignasca, hosts of the podcast High Heels and Hangovers earlier this week. “I'm not trying to fight it. I mean, what am I going to do? I'm married with two kids. I'm not trying to be anything but what I am.”

While the dad of two -- he shares a 10-year-old daughter, Harlow, and 8-year-old son, Sparrow, with his wife, Nicole Richie -- isn’t ruling out Botox entirely, he just doesn’t see it happening.

“I doubt it though, it's scary. I have trouble trusting the idea of that stuff. It scares me,” Madden revealed. “If it's that crazy that I feel like I need to change my look just because people are scrutinizing it, I don't know. I'd rather just move away and live in privacy.”

The “Dance Floor Anthem” singer further speculated on his family’s future, confessing, “I'd rather go, just move to a farm somewhere and live out my days.”

In October, Good Charlotte will head out on tour in support of their upcoming seventh studio album, Generations Rx, which is due out Sept. 14. Watch the video below to hear all about another artist who's currently touring!