Joey King Says Ex Jacob Elordi Gave Her Permission to Post Her Deleted Tweet About Him

Jacob Elordi and Joey King at a screening of 'The Kissing Booth' in 2018
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

The actress also revealed why she deleted the tweet in question.

Joey King is speaking out after deleting a tweet about her ex, Jacob Elordi. The 21-year-old actress appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday and revealed why she deleted a tweet about her Kissing Booth 2 co-star.

The controversy began after Elordi said he hadn't seen the Netflix sequel, a claim that King shot down in a since-deleted tweet.

"Jacob watched it. He’s capping," she wrote.

"'Capping' means lying. I heard the term 'capping' on, like, TikTok and Twitter and Instagram, and through friends, and I was like 'I guess this is the new thing.' Apparently it's not," King said on the radio show. "It’s something that I should not have used as a white person. I took it down… Two accounts on Twitter called me out for it. That’s why I deleted it. People thought it was because I was like 'Oh no, I shouldn’t have said that about him.'"

King went on to call her tweet "a jovial thing" that "wasn't to be mean" to her ex.

"I was just like, 'I know the Kissing Booth fans. They are always so curious about that tension of sorts... I know they'll appreciate it,'" King explained. "That’s who it was for. It was for the fans to just be like, 'Oh my God!' And they were."

As for how Elordi felt about her tweet, King said the she "did get his permission" before sharing the post, adding, "So that was fine."

King recently admitted that working with her ex on the flick -- she reprised her role as Elle Evans, while he starred as Noah Flynn -- wasn't easy.

"No one’s thinking to themselves, 'That was easy,' because it wasn’t," King told Cosmopolitan of filming the sequel with Elordi. "I’m sure people will analyze every movement and every detail. And you know what? Let them. But at the end of the day, I was just thrilled to be Elle Evans again."

"Elle Evans needs her Noah Flynn, and whatever that means for my personal life, I’ll do anything to make sure the story of my character who I care about so much is complete," she added.

While King and Elordi previously lamented the pressures of dating in the public eye to ET, with the actress calling the experience "brutal," that hasn't stopped romance rumors from flying between her and her other Kissing Booth 2 co-star, Taylor Zakhar Perez. When ET spoke to Zakhar Perez, though, he denied that he's dating King.

"We just kind of hit it off. When we were in South Africa, we had dinner together," he said. "I cooked for her, she cooked for me. We just became kind of like the best of friends."

"I love her. I love her dearly. I’d do anything for her," he added, before stating, "We’re not dating. I’ll end it with that."

Despite his denial to ET, Zakhar Perez recently said that he'd "love to be dating" the actress.

"She's dope," he told Barstool Sports' Chicks in the Office podcast. "I'm a huge fan of dating your friend, someone that you know and you trust, because that's where it all starts, right? That trust."