John Finlay, 'Tiger King' Star and Joe Exotic's Ex-Husband, Shows Off His Brand New Teeth

Plus, why he will not be involved in a second season.

Binge-worthy as it is, there aren't many bright spots to be found in Netflix's Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. (Won't anyone actually think of the tigers?) But here's one: John Finlay got his teeth fixed.

Finlay, who was once in a polygamist marriage with Joe Exotic and the late Travis Maldonado, shared photos on the Facebook page, "The Truth About John Finlay," that he runs with his current partner. (No, not the front desk woman.)

"Yes I have my teeth fixed," he wrote, explaining that this was not the first time he had dental work done. "They were fixed before, but kept braking from accidents on four wheelers, animal attacks, and getting beat up while building cages."

Finlay has also taken to the comments to call out filmmakers Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode, claiming their series "twisted the truth to present the perfect entertainment production." As such, he is not interested in being part of a potential second season: "They twisted it once, we won't let them do it again."

Elsewhere on the Facebook page, Finlay weighs in on some lingering questions from the series: Like how he, a straight man, found himself in a triad marriage with two men? "When I can release that, I will." And why was he shirtless in every one of his interviews? "The producer actually wanted it done that way. They had interviews of me with a shirt on and didn't use them." 

Finlay says he hasn't been to G.W. Zoo "in years" and is no longer friends with any of the staff or keepers, but he is still living in Oklahoma. He has no plans to own a tiger of his own anytime soon. "Other exotics though. I always loved the animals and still do," he shares.

(Please don't, John! Didn't you learn anything from Tiger King, now streaming on Netflix?!)