John Krasinski Surprises Fans in Miami at an Early Screening of 'A Quiet Place Part II'

The writer-director of the long-awaited horror sequel came out to celebrate movie goers.

John Krasinski is celebrating a return to the theaters. After deciding to delay the release of his long-awaited horror sequel A Quiet Place Part II, the writer-director is making sure fans feel appreciated now that it's finally hitting theaters.

Krasinski decided to show up and surprise moviegoers at an early screening of the hotly anticipated horror epic -- which stars his wife, Emily Blunt -- at an AMC cinema in Miami, Florida.

The Office alum took to Instagram to share a video of his unannounced visit, where he was welcomed with a big round of applause and cheers and addressed the audience before taking selfies with fans.

"I'm going around theaters all across the county, popping in like this to say thank you," Krasinski says in the clip to those in attendance in the sizable theater. "Let's watch movies together, let's be together. Thank you so much!

"I said I was going to bring out A Quiet Place Part II when we could all see it together.  Well... it's TIME!  #AQuietPlace2   May 28th!!! #TheatersAreBACK !!!" Krasinski captioned the post.

At last year's premiere for the sequel -- which was originally supposed to premiere in March 2020 -- Krasinski spoke with ET's Rachel Smith, and marveled at how talented his wife is as the star of the film -- which he wrote and directed -- calling Blunt "the most tremendous actress of our time."

"She is the most incredible partner in writing and directing and set designs. She just has such good ideas. So I actually felt like I had my partner in all things on set, not just the best actress in the world," he shared. "Anything I can think of, she makes 10 times better so that's a pretty good weapon to have on set."

The film itself -- which is a sequel to the 2018 hit -- almost didn't come into existence, and with the pandemic shutting down theaters, it was unclear when viewers were ever going to see a second part to the horror thriller.

However, by the pair working their magic together, they created a project that really stayed true to its roots.

"I did not even want to do a sequel unless it was as organic and personal as the first one," Krasinski said. "This one feels as much, if not more so."

A Quiet Place Part II hits theaters May 28.