John Legend Hits the Club in New 'A Good Night' Music Video

John Legend A Good Night

The GRAMMY winner released his newest music video which details how you might meet your future wife at a club.

John Legend is turning up the funk in a big way.

In the just-released music video for his latest disco-infused track, "A Good Night," featuring BloodPop, the singer-songwriter details what it might be like to meet your future wife at a nightclub. 

“When I looked in your eyes and they went through me like a knife… I can’t think when you’re looking like that,” Legend smoothly croons. “I think I just met my wife.”

The 39-year-old GRAMMY winner debuted the upbeat song late Thursday night, describing it as a "spring bop," alongside an Instagram photo of a young married couple surrounded by confetti. 

ET’s Ketlie Knight spoke with Legend at SoulCycle in West Hollywood on Thursday, where he described the track as one you might crank up at the gym.

“This is a great song to work out to,” he said of “A Good Night,” ahead of the music video's Friday release. “It’s about, you think you’re just going out to have fun, and you happen to meet someone who might change your life forever.”

He added that the song was inspired by true events.

“I’ve had friends that literally, the day they met their wife, they were like, ‘I’m going to marry that woman.’ So, we decided to write a song about it," he stated. "It’s a good, fun party song."

Legend, who is about to welcome a baby boy with wife Chrissy Teigen, also expressed his excitement about the new addition.

“It’s always exciting because you never know what they're going to be like,” he told ET. “You’re just excited that another product of your relationship and your love is going to be out there in front of you.”

The happy couple also have a daughter, 2-year-old Luna.

For more on their upcoming bundle of joy, watch the video below.