John Legend on Expanding Family With Wife Chrissy Teigen (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the singer about his latest music video 'Wild,' as well as his new gig with Headspace.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are parents to two beautiful children, 4-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles, and are soon adding to their brood. Teigen and the kids are featured in the EGOT's new music video for "Wild," released on Thursday -- which had fans speculating they might be expecting baby No. 3. One of the closing scenes of the video shows Legend holding Teigen as she wraps her hands around her stomach. Following the video's release, sources close to the couple confirm the pregnancy news to ET.

ET's Rachel Smith spoke with the "Bigger Love" singer just before the "Wild" music video was released on Thursday, as he opened up about his new position as Chief Music Officer for the meditation app Headspace, and touched on expanding his family.

"We don't plan these things. We haven't planned them right now, but we'll see what happens," Legend said of adding another baby to the bunch. "You spend enough time together, you never know."

As they await their new baby's arrival, Legend says his two kids love having him and Teigen at home all the time amid quarantine.

"We've been having as much fun as we [can] with them. Of course, every parent knows that you have to be a little more creative during this time," he shared. "I think at the age that our kids are, ages 4 and 2, their ideal situation is that we're home with them all the time, hanging out with them and playing with them, entertaining them. So they've been thriving during this pandemic."

"For us it's more of a challenge," he joked, adding, "The extra quarantine weight is happening, it's all happening."

As for Legend's "Wild" music video directed by Nabil Elderkin, the visual was filmed in Mexico. The Chrissy's Court host had teased a preview of the sexy video ahead of its release.

"She was just so excited to share it with people. She didn't ask, she was just like, 'I'm gonna show everybody this preview,'" Legend disclosed. "I'm excited that she's excited and so many of our fans have reached out and told us how excited they are. The video was directed by a good friend of ours named Nabil Elderkin, who is the person who introduced us in the first place many years ago. And he directed the 'All of Me' video as well. So it's all coming back full circle."

As for the concept of the video, Legend shared that it's "about being passionate about someone that you love. And Nabil's idea was to use these two horses as kind of symbols of that passion."

Legend has been keeping busy amid the coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders. The Voice judge joined the Headspace family as their new Chief Music Officer; each month he’ll bring new artist-created Focus music. His first playlist is a jazz-centric mix.

"Headspace manifests as an app that most people use to increase their mindfulness, helps them with meditation and focus and all sorts of things," Legend explained, adding that with his new role he'll help "people focus and be more mindful."

"I think people are troubled during this time. They're stressed during this time and also a lot of them are working from home during this time and need ways to think about focus and mindfulness and being centered," he continued. "And I think Headspace is helpful in that regard."

"I think young people can use it as well," he added. "It's a valuable tool and it's been scientifically proven that these exercises can really help people be more mindful, be more centered, focus better, be more productive. All those things are useful right now."

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