John Travolta and Kelly Preston Face Off While He's Behind Bars in 'Gotti' Biopic Clip (Exclusive)

ET has exclusively learned that Travolta's John Gotti mobster biopic will exclusively premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this month.

When John Travolta called reports that Gotti had been dropped by the studio "fake news," he said he envisioned a larger release for the biopic, which is adapted from John A. Gotti's memoir, Shadow of My Father, and directed by Kevin Connolly. Well, it doesn't get much grander than the Cannes Film Festival, where ET has learned the film will screen when Hollywood descends upon the French Riviera this month.

Travolta portrays the notorious New York mobster in the movie and, in this exclusive clip, a graying John Gotti gets into a heated screaming match with his wife, Victoria (Travolta's real-life wife, Kelly Preston). "Why are you so pissed off?" Travota's Gotti shouts during prison visitation hours.

"I had to read about it. It is on the cover of the paper that our son is a target," she tells him, while Gotti demands, "What papers? The Daily News? The f**king Post? Since when do they tell the truth?"

"I already buried a son. You want me to bury another, then you will bury me, too. You swore to me in our own bed -- you promised -- that you would not bring him into that world," Victoria says. "I brought him into this world. You brought him into that life."

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Watch the trailer for Gotti:

Gotti opens in theaters on June 15.


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