John Travolta Is a 'Proud Dad' as He Shares Photo of Daughter Ella Embarking on Her Acting Career

See Ella Travolta in costume as she stars in 'Get Lost,' a live-action reimagining of 'Alice in Wonderland.'

John Travolta's daughter, Ella, is following in her famous parents' footsteps. On Thursday, the 67-year-old actor posted a picture of Ella in costume for her exciting new acting role.

In the Instagram picture, Ella -- the 21-year-old child of Travolta and the late Kelly Preston -- wears a light blue dress with a bow and sports blunt bangs. Travolta shared that she's currently filming the live-action reimagining of Alice in Wonderland called Get Lost.

"I’m a very proud dad!" he noted.

Travolta received plenty of support for the sweet picture, with Sammy Hagar commenting, "I can't wait. Ella was the sweetest at the Cabo Wabo a few months back. Naturally beautiful, relaxed, elegant and I know she's a superstar like [her] dad."

Ella confirmed in March that she's starring as Alicia/Alice in Get Lost. The reimagining of the 1951 Disney classic has her character backpacking through Europe with her boyfriend when she encounters mysterious William/Mad Hatter, an expat from London aristocracy, and goes on an overnight adventure in Budapest which magically turns into Wonderland.

In an Instagram video on Thursday, Ella sported the blue dress and said she was in Hungary filming.

"I am so honored and happy to begin this adventure on such a wonderful project with such an amazing cast and crew," she captioned the video. "Stay tuned…💜🥰 @get_lost_the_film #aliceinwonderland."

Back in May 2019, Travolta admitted he was a stage dad when it comes to Ella during an appearance on The Talk.

"I am ridiculous. I'm behind the camera mouthing every word she says, doing her moves," he shared. "My wife, Kelly, gets hysterical watching me watch her, because I just want it to go great."


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