Johnny Depp Admits It Was a 'Bad Idea' to Dress Up as Captain Jack Sparrow and Go to Disneyland

The actor also recalled his inspiration behind his portrayal of Willy Wonka.

Johnny Depp didn't get the response he hoped for when he dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and posed as a statue at Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride that inspired the film franchise. 

While on this week's episode of The Graham Norton Show with his Murder on the Orient Express co-stars, the 54-year-old actor revealed this it was a dream of his to reprise his Pirates role at the happiest place on Earth -- but the reality did not live up to his fantasy. 

"I was very excited to stand stock still and then shout out [in Jack’s voice], ‘Oi, what you lookin’ at?’" he quipped. "I got no reaction whatsoever -- nothing!  I then had to start describing the people I was shouting at so they knew I was real."

He added, "It was exhausting and such a bad idea!"

Depp also talked about some of his other iconic roles, including Willy Wonka in the 2005 movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and his odd 1990 character in Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands.

As for Willy Wonka, the three-time Oscar nominee said the character was inspired by two very different figures in society. "In my head, Willy Wonka was a combination of a rather creepy children’s show host and a very stoned George W Bush," he explained.


While Depp was all about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he confessed that he was not so sure about Edward Scissorhands at first. "When I was sent the script I thought this will never be for me," he shared. "But when I read it, it destroyed me. I had to do it."

Had Depp not taken on this role, who knows if fans would have seen his brilliance in the Pirates movies!

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