JoJo Siwa Shares Her Touching Ritual With Former 'Dancing With the Stars' Partner Jenna Johnson (Exclusive)

The dancer placed in second on season 30 of 'DWTS.'

JoJo Siwa still uses a pre-show mantra that she learned from Jenna Johnson. In an exclusive clip of Thursday's episode of Facebook Watch's JoJo Goes, Siwa tells her girlfriend, Kylie Prew, what she does to mitigate nerves before a performance, a practice she picked up from Johnson, her pro partner on Dancing With the Stars' 30th season.

"Jenna and I would always say, 'We're prepared, we're excited and we have each other' every time we danced," Siwa tells her girlfriend. "I kept that with me. Now, obviously, I don't have Jen with me -- I'm doing stuff like this by myself -- and so right before I do something like this, I say, 'I'm prepared, I'm excited and I have myself.'"

By doing that, Siwa, who came in second on DWTS, tells Prew, "I don't get nervous."

"I learned if I get nervous I don't enjoy it," she explains. "I just have to enjoy it, so that my memories are having fun and enjoying it versus being nervous."

As for the event that Siwa was preparing for in the clip, the 19-year-old dancer was at Dodger Stadium to film an episode of JoJo Goes. The show follows Siwa and her friends as she tries her hand at new experiences. 

"I'm literally going to be working in the stadium, getting the stands ready, getting the field ready, getting the concessions ready. All the things," Siwa told ET. "I'm also excited to sell things to people. I think that's going to be really fun. I'm just excited. I love all things having to do with baseball."

As for what Siwa wants to try next, she told ET, "I've always wanted a daycare. I've always wanted to work in a hospital, be a doctor... A lot of fun adventures."

New episodes of JoJo Goes premiere every Thursday on Facebook Watch.



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