Jon and Kate Gosselin's Daughter Hannah Shares Why She Chose to Live With Her Dad (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Jon and Hannah Gosselin about their living situation and relationship with Kate.

As Jon and Kate Gosselin's daughter, Hannah Gosselin, celebrates her milestone 18th birthday, she's opening up to ET about living with her father, and the status of her relationship with her mom.

ET's Kevin Frazier sat down with Jon and Hannah on Tuesday, and the duo got candid about Hannah's decision to move out of her mom's house and away from her four younger siblings.

"I chose to live with my dad, I feel like I just made the choice for myself. I have always been closer with my dad and we've always had a strong good relationship," Hannah shared. "It's a lot, growing up in a very busy household with lots of kids. And there's not really a one-on-one relationship, for attention, that you have with your parent. I felt like my dad gave me that attention and a feeling like I had a good solid relationship with a parent."

As of August 2021, Hannah and her brother Collin have lived full-time with Jon while the other four of the sextuplets -- Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden -- live with Kate. Jon and Kate also share 21-year-old twins, Cara and Madelyn, who are away at college.

"It was a difficult decision leaving my siblings I did not want to be separated from them or even, like, live in a different household than them," Hannah explained. "But I just feel like there was unfair treatment in my mom's house and I just wanted to live with my dad."

According to Hannah, she still keeps in touch with her mom frequently, and says she's "pretty sure she's doing OK."

"I mean we don't really speak on a basis of, like, 'Oh, how's your life going?' It's more like day-to-day, 'Oh how's your day?' But I’m pretty sure she's doing well," Hannah said. "And I’m sure my siblings are doing well too."

Hannah celebrated her 18th birthday on May 10, and she says she received a birthday greeting from her mother.

"She just, you know, wished me a happy birthday. You know, told me she loved me and it was great, an average birthday text," she shares.

As for her siblings that don't live with her, she shared that they also wished each other a happy birthday.

"Oh, 100 percent, I miss my siblings," she notes. "I mean, we all do share, like, the same birthday, it's a big day for all of us today. As soon as I woke up they texted me happy birthday and I sent them a happy birthday text back."