Jon Cryer Shuts Down Demi Moore's Claim That She Took His Virginity, But Says He Was 'Over the Moon' for Her

Jon Cryer and Demi Moore (inset)
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Jon Cryer says that, despite what she claims in her surprising new memoir, Demi Moore did not, in fact, take his virginity -- although he can understand why she figured she had.

Among the many shocking revelations that Moore shares in her tell-all book, Inside Out, the actress claims Cryer "lost his virginity to me" when the two worked together on the 1984 dramedy No Small Affair. She said that Cryer -- who would have been 19 at the time -- "fell for me in real life" during the production.

Moore goes on to say that it still "pains" her to think of how she treated him, and how she took his virginity flippantly, when it could have been something truly special for him.

According to Cryer, now 54, she shouldn't feel pained because he says she isn't actually correct.

"Well, the good thing about this is she doesn’t have to feel bad about it anymore, because while I’m sure she was totally justified making that assumption based on my my skill level (and the stunned look on my face at the time), I had actually lost my virginity in high school," Cryer tweeted on Tuesday, sharing a link to an article reporting Moore's claim.

Cryer went on to confirm, however, that her belief that he fell for her was, in fact, accurate.

"But she’s right the other part, I was over the moon for her during a very troubled time in her life," Cryer tweeted. "I have nothing but affection for her and not a regret in the world."

According to Moore's memoir, she signed on to No Small Affair not long after getting divorced from her first husband, Freddy Moore, and while she was feeling "adrift" in her life.

Moore goes on to recall having a fling with Rob Lowe on the set of St. Elmo's Fire in 1985, in what she called "one ill-advised late night together," shortly before getting engaged to Emilio Estevez. 

Moore writes that they eventually called the engagement off, but remained friends, adding that she even later accompanied Estevez to a movie premiere that she describes as "a highly consequential night in my life, because at that premiere, I met an actor who was very hot at the time, on a hit series called Moonlighting. His name was Bruce Willis."

Check out the video below for more surprising revelations and shocking claims from the celebrated actress' new memoir, Inside Out.


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