Jonathan Knight on Finding Husband Harley Later in Life and New Season of 'Rock the Block' (Exclusive)

The NKOTB singer revealed last year that he and Harley Rodriguez had finally tied the knot.

Jonathan Knight is loving married life. While speaking with ET's Matt Cohen, the 54-year-old HGTV star gushed about wedded bliss, a year after revealing that he and longtime love Harley Rodriguez had finally tied the knot.

"It's great," Knight tells ET. "We've been together 14 years. It's nice to find love. We found each other later on in life, which makes it even better. We both understand each other."

While the men had to deal with "not seeing each other for weeks and weeks and weeks" due to Knight's busy shooting schedule, the New Kids on the Block singer says it only makes things that much sweeter when they reunite.

In addition to renovating houses for Farmhouse Fixer, Knight added more to his schedule when he signed on to compete on season 4 of Rock the Block. Hosted by Ty Pennington, the competition follows four teams as they compete to add the most value to identical properties.

"This season it's probably the biggest houses, I would definitely say the highest price tag, and also the biggest bragging rights," Pennington says.

When Knight was asked to join the show, he admits he felt some "fear" at the prospect.

"I know a lot of HGTV people and before we did this, we called and they said, 'It's gonna be long hours, you're gonna lose your voice, you're gonna get no sleep,'" Knight reveals.

Eventually, though, he and his partner, Kristina Crestin, opted to take on the challenge. "We were like, 'It's Rock the Block. We're gonna do it and we're gonna win,'" she says.

It's safe to say they're happy they signed up for the job, as Knight tells ET that the experience has been "amazing" and praises his competitors -- Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle, Page Turner and Mitch Glew, and Bryan and Sarah Baeumler -- as "impressive."

"We're all just hanging out and being troupers together getting through this," he says, with Sarah Baeumler adding that the show has made her "test" herself. 

Turner seconded the difficulty of the competition, telling ET, "It's complete and utter insanity. I think we're all a bunch of people who have lost their minds."

"It's hard in this competition, I must say, because we like all the people with whom we are competing," Elle adds. "... It is really a healthy competition. I always say we're like pageant girls. We'll zip you up backstage and then beat you onstage."

Rock the Block airs Mondays at 9/8c on HGTV. Tune in to Thursday's episode for more of ET's interviews with the Rock the Block teams.



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