Josh Hartnett Confirms Arrival of Third Child With Tamsin Egerton

Tamsin Egerton and Josh Hartnett
David M Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

The couple welcomed baby no. 3 in 2019.

Josh Hartnett is a dad of three! In an interview with MR PORTER's The Journal, the 42-year-old actor reveals that he and his partner of more than eight years, Tamsin Egerton, welcomed their third child in 2019. The couple are now parents to kids aged 5, 3, and 1, the eldest of whom is a girl.

"The thing I am most proud of is that I’m a father of three and I have a good relationship with my partner and a great family life," he says before describing life in quarantine with three little ones.

 "We’ve been trying to keep them occupied as best we can, but it’s a lot of work and it takes both of us all day and by the end of it all we want to do is reach for a bottle of wine and go to sleep," he admits.

Taking "a lot of time off to be a dad, first and foremost" was an easy decision for Hartnett, who "decided to have a life" over chasing role after role.

"I decided to have a life, to put that first. That was always my goal," he shares. "... I feel very strongly about friends I’ve known for a long time and my family. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing those relationships. Those people make me who I am. I put those concerns ahead of chasing a Hollywood dream."

That's not to say he abandoned acting altogether. Instead, Hartnett has been choosy about his roles, which include a three-season run on Penny Dreadful, as well as the upcoming mini-series Exterminate All the Brutes and the film Ida Red

"I’m still able to do good work and, as I’ve got older, the characters have become more interesting," he says, before revealing why a traditional Hollywood life wasn't for him.

"The guys who are on top are terrified that someone’s coming up behind them. If that’s your real ambition, to be on top all the time, you’re going to spend your whole life looking over your shoulder," he explains. "I never wanted that. I want to do good work with people I like and spend my free time with people I care about."

While Hartnett doesn't "know what the possibilities of my life could have been had I chosen different routes," he is certain of one thing.

"In giving in to the allure of Hollywood entirely, I know that I would not have a happy life," he says. "I feel very strongly about that."

When ET spoke to Hartnett in July, the actor opened up about his excitement over the recent roles that have come his way.

"My relationship with Hollywood is what it has always been -- just me doing the thing that I want to do and try to make sure that I can do it. It's difficult to make movies in this industry if you're trying to make personal films," he said. "Luckily, I have been able to come in contact, especially recently, with a lot of filmmakers and people that are on board with hiring me to play the kind of roles I want to play. So I've been kind of lucky these days."