Josh Kelley Talks New Album and Life With Katherine Heigl on the Farm (Exclusive)

ET got a tour of the singer and his families' amazing farm in Utah.

Josh Kelley has a new album and some sweet digs too! The 41-year-old singer-songwriter and wife Katherine Heigl are raising their family away from the Hollywood spotlight on a sweet farm in Utah. Only ET got an exclusive tour of the place they've called home for about nine years.

The couple -- who share daughters Nancy "Naleigh," 12, and Adalaide, 9, and son Joshua, 4 -- also keep busy with 12 horses, 12 chickens, two pigs and two goats.

"We're out here in the middle of nowhere. We just sort of stay to ourselves unless I go on tour, unless my wife goes and makes a movie or TV show," Kelley tells ET's Lauren Zima. "We were already living a very quarantined life anyway."

On the property, Kelley also has his own studio, where he recorded two albums amid the pandemic.

"This newest record, the Unplugged record, is two things. It's a tip of the hat to MTV Unplugged which I grew up with," he shares. "I let the fans decide via social media what songs they wanted on the record. And then I just kind of started checking the list off one day at a time, and sometimes it's actually harder to be that minimal. You would think it would be harder to do the full band production, but when you have nothing to hide behind, you got to make sure you really singing your tail feather off."

Writing, producing, engineering and mastering the records all by himself, Kelley also kept busy doing Zoom writing sessions with people all over the world. "That was a huge thing for me because without that I was just by myself writing everyday, and I started getting sick of that," he admits. "I was ready to collaborate again. That was probably the best thing to happen to me is being able to co-write with people anywhere. So I do about three a week and then I produce the demos, and send them in. And that has sharpened my skills like nothing else ever has in my entire life."

He also has the best critics in his children, who get to hear everything first. He jokes that "thank god they're so sweet."

"My 12-year-old Naleigh, she'll sit next to me and I'm like, 'What do you think of that mix?' and she goes, 'It sounds a little bass heavy to me.' Naleigh is a scary genius and we're terrified of her," he adds with a laugh. "I think she's running the whole show."

The rest of the family has also kept busy learning new tricks and taking up new hobbies. His daughter Adalaide is getting riding lessons from their riding arena.

"During the pandemic we had friends that were teaching [Adalaide] how to ride horses. So she started on ponies and things like that and now she's so fearless she graduated to the bigger horses," he shares. "And now all she wants to do is jump these horses which scares me to death. I will not be doing anything with that. But yeah she's into that, Naleigh got really into baking and cooking and it turns out she's really good at it."

"[Josh], he's obsessed with superheroes, changes costumes about every 10 minutes," adds the father-of-three. "He's also obsessed with talking. He's the chatterbox."

As for Heigl, the Firefly Lane star took up gardening after Kelley built her her own greenhouse. The couple first met in 2005 when she appeared in his music video. They're now celebrating 13 years of marriage.

"What drew us together at the beginning of our union was that we loved to craft and we loved to create," Kelley expresses. "Luckily we can do a lot of that together and over the pandemic I think she got this like an online degree in Herbology or she's really close to get that degree. And so we were foraging a lot, we were creating essential oils, we were doing all this.

Up next for Kelley, a show in June and going on tour in October. This is the fourth time he's had to postpone the tour amid the pandemic.

"I'm very excited and I know people are excited for live shows. I'm definitely not a household name but I think over the pandemic, we just got news the other day that a show I'm doing in June sold out in 60 seconds," he notes. "I've never had that happen in my life. So I think it's due to the pandemic. I think it's people's hunger for music."

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