Joy Behar on Developing a 'Tough Skin' for 'The View' Season 26 and Turning 80 (Exclusive)

The long-running show returned Tuesday for its 26th season.

When it comes to making it work on The View, Joy Behar has got the formula down. ET spoke to Behar backstage at the show's season 26 premiere Tuesday, where she revealed how she's weathered the sometimes-rocky group dynamic on the show.

"Oh, I vent plenty. I vent," Behar said of how she de-stresses behind the scenes after some of the heated discussions had on the show. "If I didn't vent, I'd never survive here. In any kind of a job."

"This group is very cohesive I think," she added of The View's season 26 panel.

For Behar, it's all about the delivery, telling ET that she had some wise words for the newbie, Alyssa Farah Griffin.

"I was just saying to Alyssa, it's not what you say on this show, it's how you say it," she advised. "She's a conservative. She and I disagree politically, so what? Good. We're happy to have somebody like that. Just don't make it personal and don't be an attack dog, and then I'll try not to be."

The longtime TV personality has long been known for her tough skin on the show, and she welcomes all the heated debates -- as long as they're respectful.

"A heated conversation is always fun, as long as you're respectful to people," Behar maintained.

The show has an all-star line-up for this season, with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton expected to appear, as well as Reese Witherspoon, Stacey Abrams and more, but those aren't the only milestones expected for season 26. The show will also be helping Behar celebrate her 80th birthday.

"Well, you know, I look so good, I can't even deny it at my age anymore," Behar quipped. This is what 40 looks like."

While she said she doesn't have a party planned, her co-hosts will surely surprise her on the show, as they've done with birthdays in the past. 

Behar has been with the show since the beginning in 1997 -- outside of a two-year hiatus following a firing in 2013 -- and though she has been doing some things on the side, including writing and starring in a play, her feet are firmly planted at The View. She told ET that she's grateful for the longevity this job has provided, and for the show's creator, Barbara Walters, for giving that to her.

"I miss Barbara. I do miss Barbara," Behar admitted. "I always say, 'Thank you, Barbara,' for giving me a job like this that has lasted so many years."

"I was just telling somebody else, to me, longevity is the main thing in this business," She continued. "'Cause you can have a job in a movie, and nobody sees you again, but this longevity is key."

Dubbed as the original influencers, Behar said she and the evolving panel of The View co-hosts don't just bring their influence, but also, their opinions, when they enter people's homes each morning.

For more on The View, check out the video below, and catch the show's 26th season on weekday mornings at 11:00 a.m. ET on ABC.