Juan Pablo Galavis Claims ‘Bachelor’ Producers Tried to Get Him Naked on TV, Talks Finding Love on Instagram

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Former Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis is opening up about his time on the reality show, claiming that producers encouraged him to get naked for the cameras and later stopped him from joining Dancing With the Stars.

The season 18 contestant made the allegations after being asked if the show’s producers forced intimacy, during an interview with The Domenick Nati Show.

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“They try to make you do things and it all depends on you,” Galavis, 36, responded. “If you’re strong enough and have a strong personality and don’t do things you don’t want to do, you won’t do it. But they suggest a lot of things.”

“It can be simple things like, ‘You know what would be great? If you go into the ocean and get naked,’” Galavis claimed. “And you’re like, ‘Well, I have a daughter, I don’t want to go naked on TV and in the ocean. I don’t believe in that.”

Recently married Galavis alleged that going against producers’ wishes could have consequences for contestants.

“At the end of the day, that’s a decision that people have to make,” he said. “Obviously they don’t like it when you don’t make the decision they want you to make, so they edit a little bit [to] make you look like whatever they want you to look like.”

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During the interview, the former soccer pro also claimed that Bachelor producers barred him from taking part in Dancing With the Stars.

“I was gonna do it and people from The Bachelor -- the exec producer and owner -- didn’t allow it after my season,” he alleged. “When I had my time that they wanted me, people from the show didn’t let me and I don’t think that opportunity will come back. You never know.”

Regardless of any supposed drama with producers, Galavis has moved on and found love with new wife Osmariel Villalobos. Having “closed the door pretty tight” on the reality series following his final episode, he met his stunning bride on Instagram and hasn’t looked back.

Exchanging DMs at first, he then visited Villalobos in Venezuela before they started dating over a year ago.

“It’s something very special that happened very quick,” he dished. “It’s been interesting – [after] one year people will think you cannot get married right away [but] if you get married after knowing someone 30 hours on the show, you can find somebody and spend a year and then get married.”

See more on The Bachelor in the video below.

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