Judy Greer Supervises Her Son's First Time Smoking Weed in 'Adventures in Public School' Clip (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive look at the comedy, about a home schooled kid (Daniel Doheny) who rebels with the help of his overprotective mom.

"This is a test. No! Say no to drugs!"

Liam (Daniel Doheny) has the same reaction any teenager would when his mom (played by Judy Greer) asks him to smoke up with her in this exclusive clip from Adventures in Public School. The comedy, from director Kyle Rideout, is about a home schooled kid who gets the chance to finally attend public school, where he decides to rebel -- so, his overprotective mom helps him rebel safely.

"You're bound to get pressured into it at some point, so let's just try it now in a safe environment," she reasons as she lights up a joint in the school parking lot (with his grandmother in the backseat, no less). "It's not a test. It's a supervised first try."

"Are we going to get caught or busted?" Liam worries as he puffs his grandma's medical marijuana, to which his mother nonchalantly responds, "No, you're with me and Grandma."

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Watch the trailer for Adventures in Public School:

Here is the movie's official synopsis:

"A socially awkward home-schooled kid forces his way into public-school when he falls for the popular one-legged girl (UnReal's Siobhan Williams). Much to his mother's (Greer) chagrin, he gets a crash course in sex, drugs, and social mayhem."

Adventures in Public School is in theaters, VOD and Digital HD on April 27.


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