Julia Roberts Crashes George Clooney's Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

The actress made a silent, yet hilarious appearance on the late-night show.

Julia Roberts hilariously slid into George Clooney's latest interview. Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a Zoom interview with Clooney, who directed the upcoming Ben Affleck-led flick, The Tender Bar, and one of the film's stars, 10-year-old Daniel Ranieri.

Just as Jimmy Kimmel was asking Ranieri if he preferred Clooney or Affleck's version of Batman, Roberts, wearing a white, sleeveless turtleneck and dark sunglasses, slid into the frame next to Clooney.

Roberts and Clooney both sat silently with neutral expressions, as Kimmel said, "I don't know if you're aware of this, but the woman sitting next to you..."

"Hm?" Clooney questioned. "What?"

"There's a woman sitting next to you," Kimmel insisted, as Clooney pretended to look around for his Ocean's Eleven co-star to no avail and Roberts rolled out of the frame.

"Maybe I hallucinated that. I don't know," Kimmel said. "Wow. It sure looked like Julia Roberts, though."

"I don't know what you're talking about, man," Clooney said.

After Kimmel calmed down from the Roberts excitement, he made sure to circle back with Ranieri about his favorite Batman. "Christian Bale," Ranieri said, prompting Clooney to jokingly call him a "little s**t."

The Tender Bar is due out Dec. 22.



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