Julianne Hough Says She Feels 10 Times Sexier After Getting Married to Brooks Laich (Exclusive)

The dancer gushes about married life and how she's 'so happy.'

Julianne Hough is loving married life!

The 29-year-old dancer and actress married NHL star Brooks Laich in July, and during a sit-down interview on Tuesday, she dished to ET's Lauren Zima about how much her life has changed since saying "I do."

"I'm really excited. This is a different chapter. I'm 29, and I feel like I'm sort of coming into my own being married," the former Dancing With the Stars pro said. "I feel this maturity that has kind of just happened, and a peace and a direction that I want to go towards."

The newlyweds have always had great chemistry, and Hough noted that their relationship "is so amazing" after tying the knot.

"All my friends are like, 'I think you're the most excited person to be married ever!' [Because] I truly like when people ask me that question," she said. "I just light up and I'm so happy. There's people [that] ask if it's different, and it really is... Obviously, our day-to-day life is similar, but just the deep amount and sense of love that you have for this person and just feeling totally one is so much more grand than I ever imagined."

"I think I wrote something about it recently, but I cannot wait to even imagine [and] to feel the kind of love I have for him in 20 years or 30. It's gonna be so deep..." she added.

The Grease: Live! star also noted that even though she's married, she hasn't stopped being her own person. 

"I'm still an independent, strong woman, and what's amazing is I feel even more independent, even more strong, full and enriched. And I feel sexier," she said. "I feel all these different things that you would think that's how you feel when you're single. You own yourself, but I think I feel all of those things 10 times more."

As far as what her hubby has taught her thus far in their relationship, Hough said it's already "so many things."

"One of the first things I'll never forget he told me [was], 'Protect the things that are important to you.' Like, don't let me stand in the way of something that you love or don't say it doesn't matter. If it's important for you then protect it and own it,'" she shared. "He's like, 'I'm protecting the things that are important to me too.'"

Aside from her booming acting and dancing career, having kids is also something that's important to Hough -- but when the time is right.

"Obviously, that is in our future," she admitted. "We do want that, but we're totally enjoying being married right now, and we just wanna be under the same roof and living fully full-time together as husband and wife for a few years, and we'll see what happens."

For now, Hough is working with Fitbit while training for her role as groundbreaking fitness pioneer Betty Weider in the upcoming movie, Bigger.

"I've definitely changed my workout for this movie, specifically because it was much more of that curvy, full woman," she dished. "She had a very tiny waist but [was a] very full-figured woman. I have that dancer body, which is a little more defined and square, so I'm actually doing very different things but trying to eat healthy still, but actually not working out as hard because I want to create the curves."

But as Hough has picked up more acting gigs, does she see herself retiring from the dance world?

"I don't think I'll ever stop dancing," she revealed. "Dancing is just a part of who I am at the core, and whether that's taking classes or performing or just dancing in the kitchen, it's just a part of who I am. It makes me happy. But I definitely think [my brother] Derek and I, we have a different sort of passion and love for it."

"I'm okay to maybe not be on stage every night performing, where I think Derek still loves that feeling... because I really want to be acting and producing," she added.

See more of our interview with Hough in the video below.