Julie Chen Moonves Teases 'Next Level' Season 24 of 'Big Brother' and Craziest First Eviction Yet (Exclusive)

The longtime 'Big Brother' host opened up to ET about the hotly anticipated new season of the hit reality competition series.

Bigger and better than ever! Big Brother Season 24 is about to kick off, and host Julie Chen Moonves is excited to bring fans an experience unlike any they've seen on the show before.

Julie recently sat down with ET's Kevin Frazier to dish on the forthcoming season, and the stalwart host opened up on what she's looking forward to over the next three months of competition.

"It's 16 brand new people, so new people to fall in love with, new showmances to see blossom, new people to root against, a new favorite villain," Julie excitedly teased." It's the 24th season. Anything can happen! I mean it took us 23 seasons to have this historic season last summer with The Cookout, so who knows?"

"We always say expect the unexpected and that is the beauty of this show," she added.

So what exactly makes this season more exhilarating than ever before? According to Julie, "Our challenges are next level this season!"

"You're gonna see that on premiere night. It's a 90-minute premiere and as soon as people get out of the house, they’re going to play new challenges we've never had before," she shared. "Then we're going to show you a crazy first live eviction show."

Julie said that fans are going to see "an eviction night like we've never had before," adding that the "first eviction show is not going to be traditional" and truly nobody is as safe as they seem. As for Julie herself, despite hosting the show for as long as she has and knowing how the game works like no one else, she said she'd likely never take part in it if the opportunity ever arose.

"I mean, maybe like a dozen years ago. But these challenges are so hard now," she explained. "And, you know, I’m a straight shooter. It’s not in my nature to lie, and I think you need at least a little bit of that to get far in this game. So I’m not cut out for it."

Big Brother Season 24 is set to kick off Wednesday, July 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.