Justin Bieber Can Subpoena Twitter to Identify Users Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault

justin bieber at seasons premiere

A judge ruled that the singer is allowed to ask the social media company to identify the users in his $20 million lawsuit.

The two people who anonymously accused Justin Bieber of sexual assault may now be identified. In court docs obtained by ET, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled on Thursday that the 26-year-old singer can subpoena Twitter to identify the two accounts that had anonymously accused him of sexual assault last month.

The news stems from Bieber's defamation lawsuit, in which he denied the accusations. Last month, Bieber sued the two people who made accusations against him for $10 million each. In court documents obtained by ET at the time, Bieber stated that the claims made by social media users known as Danielle and Kadi were "factually impossible" and disputed the claims with documentary evidence and multiple witnesses.
The court papers stated, "Bieber will not stand idly by while Defendants attempt to get attention and fame for themselves, by recklessly spreading malicious lies that he engaged in egregious criminal conduct by assaulting Defendants, and Bieber is therefore bringing this defamation/libel action to clear his name and set the record straight."

When the two Twitter accounts came forward with their accusations, Danielle claimed Bieber sexually assaulted her in a Four Seasons Hotel room in Austin, Texas, on March 9, 2014, after a music event. Kadi alleged Bieber sexually assaulted her at the Langham Hotel in New York City on May 5, 2015.

Bieber denied the allegations against him in a series of tweets in which he argued his innocence, before suing the two.

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