Justin Bieber Insists He's Not a Member of Hillsong Following Church's Former Pastor Carl Lentz's Scandal

justin bieber at seasons premiere

The singer said he's a member of Churchome.

Justin Bieber is opening up about his faith. The 26-year-old singer took to his Instagram Story on Monday to reveal that he's not a member of Hillsong Church, but rather a member of Churchome.

Hillsong, the church many people believed Bieber to be a member of, has recently been in the news because of its former pastor, Carl Lentz, who previously served as the singer's spiritual adviser.

Lentz was asked to step down from church leadership in November due to "moral failings." The former pastor later admitted to cheating on his wife and has since sought mental health treatment.

Bieber's first post was a screenshot of an article, which featured the headline, "Justin Bieber Reportedly Studying to Be a Minister for Hillsong Church."

The singer disputed the article's claim, writing, "I'm not studying to be a minister or anything even close to that. Have no desire for that. This is fake news."


His next post took the denial even further by stating that, not only is he not studying to be a pastor at Hillsong, but he's not even a member of the church.

"And BTW Hillsong is not my church. For clarity I am a part of Churchome," he wrote.


Bieber's following post reiterated ideas seen on Churchome's website. "Church is not a place. We are the church. We don't need a building to connect with god. God is with us wherever we are," he wrote.


"The creator of the oceans and mountains also created you! You are a part of the plan, your life matters, He sees you!" Bieber added in a fourth and final post. "He's been patient with you as you ran from Him awaiting your return! He's not mad, He understands."


According to Churchome's website, its lead pastors are Judah and Chelsea Smith, the former of which officiated Bieber's 2019 nuptials to his wife, Hailey. Pro football player Russell Wilson, who's married to Ciara, sits on Churchome's board.

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