Justin Bieber Says He Had an 'Emotional Breakdown' at the Beginning of His Marriage to Hailey Bieber

The singer and Hailey Bieber tied the knot in 2018.

Justin Bieber hit a rough patch after his wedding to Hailey Bieber. While speaking with Apple Music's Ebro Darden, the 28-year-old singer recalled the "journey" he went through after his 2018 nuptials.

"I remember when I first got married I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown, because I thought marriage was going to fix all of my problems and it didn't," Justin said. "It just kind of was a reflection of, 'Man, you're a bit of a hypocrite, man. You want your wife to do something that you're not doing.'"

"It's hard sometimes to look in the mirror and really have to realize, 'Man, maybe you're not the person that you necessarily thought that you were," he continued. "That's just a result of trauma and life circumstances."

Justin went on to credit his faith with helping to pull him out of that negative place.

"I've been very public about my faith journey and how my relationship with Jesus has helped me to just not be so hard on myself," he said. "Just the idea that I'm forgiven and that he's walking me through this journey, and day-by-day I get to just get better and better and not be too hard on myself."

"I think that's ultimately what's going to encourage the people of the world. It's discouraging out here sometimes," Justin continued. "Life smacks you in the face and it can be hard to get back up, but when you can have a perspective that God is not an angry dude, He is a loving, considerate, compassionate God who knows what we're going through and just wants us to be the best version of ourselves."

For Justin, "that perspective, has really changed everything."

Justin's interview came over a month after Hailey had a major health scare when she suffered a blood clot to her brain. Following the incident, a source told ET that it "elevated her relationship with Justin and solidified that he will always be by her side through thick and thin and make sure she is taken care of and supported in any capacity."

"Hailey knows now more than ever that she can always rely on him and lean on him when she needs support," the source said. "Justin was shaken up by the experience too. Hailey is his world and he could never imagine life without her. This brought them closer together than ever before and it was a reminder for the both of them to really appreciate each other and their special relationship."