Justin Bieber Stars in Drake and DJ Khaled's 'Popstar' Music Video -- Plus Hailey Bieber Makes a Cameo

Justin Bieber Popstar

Justin Bieber is living the pop star life! The 26-year-old singer stars in the music video for DJ Khaled and Drake's  track, "Popstar," which was released overnight on Thursday.

At the start of the video, Drake, annoyed with Khaled's constant calls, grapples with how to star in a music video when he's unable to travel due to COVID-19. Eventually, the 33-year-old rapper decides to call in a favor and get his pal, Justin, to take his place.

Justin, who lip syncs Drake's lines in the extravagant video, is the epitome of a pop star, waking up in a mansion that's full of scantily-clad women, having a security guard as a shadow and drinking alcohol all day and night.

The video continues with a brief appearance from Justin's manager, Scooter Braun -- a nod to the track's line, "You would probably think my manager was Scooter Braun" -- and the "Sorry" singer being a good sport and lip syncing his ex, Selena Gomez's, name when he reaches the line, "Aye, look, Arianna, Selena my Visa."

The outlandish party turns out to be all in Justin's head, though, as we wakes up in bed with his real-life wife, Hailey Bieber, and describes the "crazy dream" he had about taking Drake's place in a music video.

"I love you, baby," Justin tells Hailey as he shakes off the dream. "Let's go walk the dog."

Watch the video below to see another one of Justin's recent music videos that he filmed in quarantine. 


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