Justin Hartley and Wife Sofia Pernas Twin in Matching Suits at Critics Choice Awards (Exclusive)

ET spoke to the couple about their matching moment while on the red carpet at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards Sunday.

Just when we thought Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas couldn't get any cuter, the couple decide to rock matching navy suits at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards. ET's Lauren Zima spoke to Hartley and Pernas about twinning Sunday, where they shared how the look came to be.

"We tag teamed this thing, right?" Hartley said. "We're trying to have a...," Pernas added. "A moment," Hartley chimed in. "Twin moment," Pernas confirmed.

While their matching moment wasn't exactly planned, it worked out perfectly for the pair who were all giggles on the red carpet.

"Honestly, I went in meet my good friends at Isaia and get this," the This Is Us actor began. "It was kind of amazing," Pernas continued. "It was kind of like a meeting of the minds. All of the style. All of the men in the room."

"They're like why don't you wear it too," Hartley said of his stylist's suggestion to Pernas.

The loved up couple, who tied the knot last year, told ET they're still in honeymoon phase.

"Well obviously, we're still in the honeymoon phase," Pernas said. "We're wearing matching outfits. No, this is our forever phase."

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association

While Hartley went the more traditional route, pairing his suit with a white shirt and black bowtie, Pernas opted for a white button-up shirt under her suit jacket. The shirt featured some bedazzled bling on the collar and a red pin from the Italian design house. The 32-year-old actress let the suit do the talking, pairing the look with dark red ombré heels.

An equally amazing moment is the one This Is Us is having at the Critics Choice Awards. The show is nominated for four Critics Choice Awards, including Drama Series.

"Isn't that amazing," Hartley said of the show once again being recognized. "We're a network show, and everybody always qualifies it as a network show, but I used to look at it like, 'well that's kind of a slight, why are people saying network show?' And then I look at it and I go, 'it's not a slight it's an accomplishment.'"

"We're doing 18 episodes of television per year. No one does that on streamers," he continued. "So, they get the luxury of that, and yet here we are, after six seasons, and the show is nominated, andt the individual nominations are great. I'm glad that Susan [Kelechi Watson] got recognized, Sterling [K. Brown], of course. Honored to be nominated myself, but the baby is the show, and when the show gets nominated, everybody gets nominated."

The show, which is in its sixth and final season, is coming to a close, but not without fleshing out more of the Pearson family's stories, including Hartley's character, Kevin.

"This is when you know when you've walked this guy's life for the past five or six years and you seen him go up and down through trials and tribulations and you see him sort of struggle with becoming a man, getting stuck in the past, addiction issues, commitment issues, insecurity, and you sort of you see it all come to a head," Hartley said of the upcoming episode which airs Tuesday. "Which way is he going to go, can he handle it, can he not handle it? He has got kids now, so a lot of Kevin's story gets told on Tuesday."

While the cast has a few more episodes to film, the emotional end to the beloved NBC series is in sight. When asked if he's going to cry when This Is Us wraps, the 45-year-old actor said he just might.

"I mean, I don’t know," Hartley said. "I'm not a massive crier, but if there was ever a time I would be in tears, it might be that."

The 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards air Sunday, Jan. 9 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.