Justin Hartley's Day-Off Workout Involves Pushups While Wearing Chains -- Watch!

The 'This Is Us' star showcased his intense regimen in a new workout post.

When it comes to staying fit, clearly Justin Hartley is not cutting any corners!

The 41-year-old just shared a new clip on Instagram offering fans a peek at just how hard he pushes himself when he’s in the gym -- even on his day off.

“Weighted vest and chains on this off day,” the TV star captioned a short clip of himself doing pushups while loaded up with the aforementioned extra weight as fellow gym-goers cheer him on.

This isn’t the first time the health-oriented leading man has shared a glimpse of his rigorous workout with followers. On July 23, he posted a photo of a gym floor strewn with punching bags and gear. “Monday. Lots to do,” he captioned the image, hinting at the workout to follow.

Like his persistence in the gym, Hartley is also realizing that persistence is paying off in his career lately. He’s garnered serious fanfare for his brokenhearted performance as Kevin, the eldest of the Big Three siblings, on season 2 of This Is Us.

“I had an overall view of where this character was going and I knew that the story we were telling for Kevin wasn’t one year, it was building into something that was going to happen later. You have to lay all that groundwork,” he explained to ET in June. “When people are like, ‘I love the character, but he’s annoying,’ it’s good, because that’s what we were doing."

Get more This Is Us news in the clip below.