Justin Timberlake Confirms He's Performing at the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show -- Watch!

The performer posted a video with his pal Jimmy Fallon on Sunday, celebrating the news.

It's official!

Justin Timberlake has confirmed that he will be performing at the Super Bowl LII Pepsi Halftime Show on Feb 4 in Minneapolis.

On Sunday, the performer tweeted a video of himself with pal Jimmy Fallon, where Fallon asks Timberlake, "Do you have the time?" and Timberlake replies, "I do have the time," gradually speeding up until they're practically saying "half time." 

At that point, Fallon catches on and exclaims, "You're doing the halftime show at the Super Bowl?!" And Timberlake yells, "I'm doing halftime!!!" The two then start to party down as some JT music kicks in.

The 36-year-old singer was reportedly in talks to headline the halftime show back in September, but at the time, the NFL denied the rumors to ET.

A source did tell ET at the time, however, that Timberlake was close to finalizing a deal. “This is who they’ve wanted for a long time,” the source told ET. “He’s the guy.”

Timberlake has performed at the big game before. His first halftime show was in 2001, as part of *NSYNC, alongside Britney Spears, Aerosmith, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly.

He appeared again in 2004 with Janet Jackson, when the now infamous "wardrobe malfunction" occurred. 

During NBC Sunday Night Football, Timberlake did a quick interview, where he addressed the incident with Jackson.

"Yeah, that won't happen this time," he said.

He also discussed his plans for the big show, and how he's striving to be totally original.

"I've already watched a ton of them just to make sure we're not pulling out any gags [others have done]," he said. "People are flying, Lady Gaga jumped from the top of stadium. I don't know man, I'm 36 now, I don't know how much of that I can do."

There is one thing he has planned. "I have a goal to make Al Michaels dance," he said, referring to the legendary sportscaster. "Start the hashtag: #AlMichaelShakeYourBooty."

Shortly afterwards, Timberlake hopped on Twitter to get the hashtag going, but it seems Michaels is unconvinced for now.

There is no word yet either on any guest stars joining Timberlake's performance, though many are hoping for appearances from past collaborators, including his bandmates from *NSYNC.

Former *NSYNC-er Lance Bass told ET's Katie Krause months before the speculation that he and the guys were ready if the opportunity arose.

"Give us a call, NFL, we're in!" he said.

In August, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo spoke to ET about the posibility of his pal performing at the halftime show.

"Oh, I love Justin, I think he's a great guy," Romo gushed. "I think if they got Justin, it would be a home run. I think he's one of the rare guys that everyone thinks is great and he's super talented."

For more on their friendship, check out the video below!