Justin Timberlake Nearly Brings Super Bowl 'Selfie Kid' to Tears During 'Ellen' Surprise

The 13-year-old New England Patriots fan is having the best week ever!

For Ryan McKenna, it was already a "dream come true" just to be at the Super Bowl LII, nevertheless get to meet Justin Timberlake. 

The 13-year-old New England Patriots fan, who's being hailed as "Selfie Kid," appears on Friday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and talks about what it was like to snap a pic with the "Filthy" singer when he ran up into the stands during the Pepsi Halftime show.

McKenna says nobody in his section was warned that Timberlake would be doing that as part of his performance. "The lady told us we were in a good section but we didn't know Justin would be there," he admits. 

As if snapping that world famous selfie wasn't enough, McKenna got a big surprise on Ellen when the 37-year-old singer called into the show. "Oh my god!" McKenna exclaims upon hearing Timberlake's voice.

"It's nice to meet you, finally," Timberlake quips as McKenna starts to tear up.

"I can't believe this," McKenna says, breathless. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"You are part of his life now," DeGeneres touts. "Do you have anything at all for him, Justin?"

"I'll tell you what I want to do -- because it was so unexpected that you came down and because all of this has happened -- and I thought to myself, 'I really want to meet you properly,'" Timberlake begins. "I'm going to be coming to TD Garden on tour to play in Boston, so I would like to invite you and your family to come and I want to meet you."

Overwhelmed by the gift of VIP passes, McKenna responds, "Thank you so much! Oh my god!" 

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with McKenna just moments after he snapped the selfie with Timberlake on Super Bowl Sunday. "It was really crazy," he shared at the time, still in awe. "I've gotten so much stuff on social media and stuff. It's crazy. My phone is blowing up."

Check out more of Timerlake's halftime show: 


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