Kaley Cuoco Says She Will 'Never Get Married Again' Following Split From Karl Cook

Kaley Cuoco still believes in love, but getting married is a different story.

Kaley Cuoco may be swearing off marriage, but she's not turning her back on love.  

It's been seven months since the Flight Attendant star and her ex, Karl Cook, jointly announced their split after three years of marriage. At the time, they told the public in part, "We have made this decision together through an immense amount of respect and consideration for one another" and explained that they "realized that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions."

Now in the midst of her second divorce, the Emmy nominee has declared to Glamour that she will "never get married again."

"I would love to have a long-lasting relationship or a partnership," she noted. "But I will never get married again. Absolutely not."

As she prefaced, that's not to say there won't be another special someone in her life ever again. "I believe in love because I've had incredible relationships. I know that they're out there. I like being someone's partner and having that companionship," she said. "We’ve all been there where you think, Oh my God, I'm never going to meet someone else. And you do. There are great people that come into your life and they leave your life. And there are reasons for all of it. The minute that I agree to let it go, someone else magical comes into my life. So I do believe there is someone out there. I love love. I'm not someone that wants to be by myself."

However, the 36-year-old actress -- who previously split from ex-husband Ryan Sweeting after less than two years of marriage -- acknowledged how she can improve when it comes to a relationship. "I just need to figure out my priorities a little bit and make sure now I know that I need to water that relationship. It's like a plant. Sometimes I get too focused on the garden instead of the specific plant that needs to be watered," Cuoco told Glamour. "And I am well aware of that. I want to change, I want to be better."

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That may mean establishing boundaries with her first love: her career. "I do admit to being married to my career. I am. It's always been my first love. I think that's a tough one to overcome. I think as women get to this point…[and yes] it is a challenge for me, [because] things in my life and people sometimes don't measure up to the feeling I have with my career. And I admit to that holding me back in a way," she said. "I’m talking about that a lot in therapy. I'm so black-and-white, and trying to find the gray is just very hard for me. It's all or nothing. I actually have a T-shirt that says, 'Still trying to find the gray.' And I admit that's a downfall. I've lost relationships over it; I've lost friendships over it."

"If I was hoping for something in my future," Cuoco said, referencing the "gray" area, "definitely giving more time to a relationship."

A "deeper" relationship, at that. "I want a deeper relationship," she added, "so that [I’m not afraid to] take a week off here and there. I want to take a breath between jobs, which I haven't done since the beginning of Big Bang. I've not even taken a vacation. I don't want to. The thought of going somewhere even for the weekend is like, I can't. I love working. I would rather work than hang out on a beach somewhere. But [that relentless pursuit] was making me sick." In fact, Cuoco developed a months-long rash that ran from her stomach down her leg, a result of the emotional stress she was under in the midst of her split from Cook and filming the second season of The Flight Attendant

But, as more time passes, Cuoco is "going through waves, but the dark moments are getting fewer and fewer." As for her relationship with Cook today, they're not currently in touch, but unlike her stance on tying the knot again, never say never. 

"I think for the time being things are too raw, and knowing his heart—which is bigger than the world—we will be in each other's lives in the future," she said. "He's too special. He's too good. And I don't want to lose him completely. He knows that I feel that way. And I know he feels that way. There is deep, deep love there, for sure. And I know that we'll be in each other's lives in the future."