Kane Brown Dishes on His 'Fire Country' Acting Debut and If He'll Ever Act Alongside Wife Katelyn (Exclusive)

Brown shows off his acting chops and jumps off a train in Friday's episode of the CBS procedural drama.

Kane Brown can do it all! The 29-year-old country music star is making his acting debut and jumping off a train on CBS' hit procedural drama, Fire Country

"It's really cool," Brown told ET on the Vancouver set during filming. "I get, like, a superhero moment." 

In Friday's episode of the series, Brown plays freight-hopping drifter who leaps into action when the train he's riding on crashes into a party bus. Calling the part a "perfect" first role, Brown is diving headfirst into the acting world after his song, "Riot," was previously used in a promo for the series.

"I'm a movie junkie," he said. "My thing is just, not only trying to push myself and be different, it's always wanting to try something new."

According to series creator and star Max Thieriot, Brown could "100 percent" have a future in Hollywood. 

"He just has a lot of raw, natural ability to be present and to listen, and really be in the moment," he said of Brown. "I think if you can start there and do that, you can build off of it. Some people cannot start there, they just don't have that thing. And I think he has that thing." 

Not to mention, a willingness to put in the preparation and hours required to make magic onscreen. 

"He was really, really passionate about putting in the work and being really focused on doing this," Thieriot said. "To me, that meant a lot."

Brown's first love, of course, is music, and his adorable family. He combined the two last year when he and wife Katelyn collaborated on their first single together, "Thank God." 

Now, could the couple be plotting an acting venture together? 

"I don't know," Brown mused. "If we, you know, had the opportunity to be -- cool. I'd be curious to see her acting because she was helping me with the script when I was coming here." 

"She could definitely be, like, a Little Mermaid," he suggested. "She could definitely do something like that." 

As for whether Brown might return for a future episode of Fire Country, the door is wide open. 

"Would love to," Brown said, with Thieriot noting that "it's up to everybody's crazy schedule." 

"We only get a portion of his backstory, which, hopefully we can continue telling at some point down the road," Thieriot added. "Which is obviously something we do a lot in this show. Writers try and peel back the layers on these characters. And I'm a big sucker for card turns and reveals later, so we get just enough to get an idea of who this person is."

Fire Country airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.