Kate Bosworth Reflects on 20-Year 'Blue Crush' Anniversary: 'My World Changed'

The actress starred as Anne Marie Chadwick in the 2002 film.

Kate Bosworth is taking it back to her Blue Crush days. In honor of the film's 20th anniversary, the 39-year-old actress reflected on what the movie means to her -- and to fans.

"20 years ago, my world changed because of this movie!" she wrote alongside throwback photos from the movie, which included co-stars Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake. "And over those two decades, I’ve learned just how very rare it is to experience something like Blue Crush… so unique, intimate and true. If there are certain experiences that make up the vital organs of your life, this movie undoubtedly holds my heart. Throughout my career, there is nothing I appreciate more than hearing the love and excitement for this movie- the stories and the insights on how it has touched and shaped your lives."

Bosworth went on to share why she thinks the film continues to resonate with viewers even two decades later.

"There are so many films that come and go… why the affect of one over another? And when I think about the beautiful and unique influence of Blue Crush, I think it may come down to the purity of the thing," she wrote. "The writing of it, the making of it, the depth of the friendships, the faith, the determination, the dedication, hard work, and passion. The freedom and the adventure stemming from a young girl, coming of age, and realizing that courage and fear, ferocity and vulnerability, love for another and love for self - can all exist in the same breath. It’s the knowing and the trusting and the doing. The being brave. The free fall. The wings - And the flight."

The actress concluded her post with a sweet shoutout to Rodriguez and Lake. "Ps, If you notice the weird tape on these photos, it’s because they were taped to Sanoe’s journal for many years (probably still are :)" she wrote. "My soul sisters for life, I feel you in my laughter every single day. And suddenly there we are again, on the shores of Sunset Beach. 💙"

In May, Bosworth spoke to ET about her desire to reunite with Rodriguez and Lake for a Blue Crush sequel.

“I would love that,” she gushed. “Sanoe [Lake], Michelle [Rodriguez] and I always talk about it. We would love to make it happen. So, I don’t know. Let’s get it out there.” 


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