Kate Hudson Poses With Daughter Rani, Reveals Why She's Often Romantically Drawn to Musicians

Kate Hudson and daughter Rani

The mother-daughter pair wears matching shirts in the pic.

Kate Hudson is matching with her daughter. The 41-year-old actress covers the March issue of InStyle and poses with her 2-year-old daughter, Rani, inside the mag. Hudson shares the tot with her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. 

In the sweet shot, the pair wears matching white T-shirts adorned with a giant, yellow smiley face. The mother-daughter duo is all smiles as they sit outside sporting coordinating purple pants.

In the accompanying interview, Hudson opens up about her past loves, most of whom are musicians. Hudson had her eldest son, 17-year-old Ryder, with Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, and her middle child, 9-year-old Bingham, with Matthew Bellamy of Muse. 

"I'm attracted to musical people, period," she says. "From the outside, yeah, I get it. 'Oh, I like a rock star,' or whatever. But that's not really what it is."

"The reason I connect so deeply with musicians… is because we all connect to music in a way that you don't have to explain. You just feel it, and it's something you love," she continues. "The lifestyle is not something to fall in love with."


Growing up with her "old-school" mom, Goldie Hawn, along with her mom's longtime partner, Kurt Russell, Hudson's first love was singing, not acting.

"When you are a performer, you do everything. You dance, you sing, you act, and you try to make these skills go together. That's all I wanted to do. I wanted to sing, I wanted to dance, and then I wanted to act," she says. "I never really got to fulfill the part of me that's probably my No. 1 passion."

Hudson notes that she "lost sight of my confidence in singing and creating music when I was in my late 20s," something she thinks is largely due to her musician father, Bill Hudson, with whom she does not have a relationship.

"He never was a father to me, so it was sort of like my way of rejecting that relationship," she explains.

Now, though, Hudson is rediscovering her love of music, thanks in large part to her upcoming film, Music, which was directed by Sia.

"For me personally, creating it with Sia was healing in so many ways," Hudson says. "It was almost like someone giving me permission to say, 'You've earned this opportunity to express yourself through this.'"

"I've worked through it, and I feel more confident," she adds. "Now I get excited about singing… and I don't have any expectations of what I want it to look like."


The March issue of InStyle will be available on newsstands, on Amazon, and for digital download Feb. 12.