Kate Hudson Reflects on How the Press Impacted Her Body Image and Relationships

Kate Hudson
Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

The actress came to realize she had to 'figure out how to not care about' what the press said.

Kate Hudson is opening up about her early days of fame. During a recent appearance on SiriusXM's Let's Talk Off Camera podcast, the 43-year-old actress told host Kelly Ripa how the early 2000s media impacted her body image and relationships.

"They were so mean to women," Hudson said of the early aughts press. "I mean, the body shaming from being too skinny, to too fat, to then going up your skirt and from the cellulite."

Not only that, but the media made Hudson feel like she "couldn't speak to a man without being partnered with him. Like, literally, I couldn't sit and say hello to someone."

Eventually, Hudson realized that she had to let all the chatter roll off her back.

"There was so much of it at such a rate that I couldn't in any way comprehend, that I just realized I need to figure out how to not care about any of this," she said. "... You just realize that you're letting them win the more you feel bad. If I'm going to allow this negative energy to get into me then they win. I've given them all my power."

Today, Hudson is engaged to Danny Fujikawa, with whom she shares a 4-year-old daughter, Rani. When Hudson, who's also mom to Ryder, 19, and Bingham, 11, from past relationships, appeared on iHeartMedia's Table for Two With Bruce Bozzi podcast last month, she opened up about her and Fujikawa's wedding plans.

"I go back and forth between a small wedding and a large wedding. My first wedding was so small, so there's a part of me that wants the big bash!" she said. "I really want to make sure I honor Danny’s heritage and my daughter’s heritage -- so we do sometimes go back and forth with a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony, which would be really beautiful and quite emotional for Danny seeing that his dad is gone."

"It'll totally be a destination wedding," she added. "It will be such an adventure that people will have to really want to come."

Watch the video below for more on Hudson.