Kate McKinnon Hilariously Sings to Adam Driver in 'Saturday Night Live' Season Premiere Promo

Adam Driver, Kate McKinnon
Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Adam Driver appears to have an admirer in the Saturday Night Live cast!

In a new promotional clip, the Star Wars star walks through the hallowed halls of Studio 8H as his voiceover provides an epic tease of things to come. 

“The first time hosting is always a blur,” he says of his 2016 visit as inspirational music thrums over the black-and-white footage. “It’s a battle. You barely remember any of it.” That’s when a snippet of his hilarious Aladdin sketch plays in which he sings “I can show you the world” to Cecily Strong, who plays Jasmine from the Disney film.

“But when the stars align and you slay the beast, it wants you back for seconds,” he continues, before the Aladdin clip plays again, and again, and again. “I did a lot of different sketches. Is there some kind of clearance issue? Like each clip is prohibitively expensive? Or you guys just love Aladdin? What’s going on here?” his voiceover continues.

Then, the Aladdin cuts speed up until the 34-year-old actor is shown on the famous stage, joined by none other than Kate McKinnon who sheepishly says, “I’m sorry I sabotaged your promo. I only did it because I wanted to be in that sketch… It’s not too late.”

That’s when she begins backing into Driver and singing the Disney ballad yet again. Soon the pair falls to the ground as Driver attempts to gracefully get out of the situation. It's awkward and uncomfortable and amazing!

On Saturday, Driver will be joined in the premiere episode by musical guest Kanye West, who has revealed that he plans to drop his new full-length album that evening!

We’re releasing Yandhi Saturday night,” he tweeted on Thursday. “We know it will come in number 2 to my brother Lil Wayne and that’s lovely,” he added, nodding to Wayne’s The Carter V, which comes out on Sept. 28. “The universe needs Ye and Wayne music at the same time.”

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