Kate Middleton Promotes Youth Mental Health in New Campaign Video -- Watch

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton is showing her support in the fight against mental illness.

The 35-year-old Duchess of Cambridge filmed an introductory segment for a new campaign titled You’re Never Too Young to Talk Mental Health, which will soon be rolled out in U.K. primary schools.

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The animated film, which was co-produced by children and teachers, aims to give parents and teachers free resources to support children learning about their mental health.

“It helps us all to talk about our mental health,” the royal says in the opening of the clip. “What to say and who to talk to when we have feelings that are too big to manage on our own.

“And how to listen and help if one of our friends is finding things difficult” she continues. “Sometimes, it’s just a simple conversation that can make things better.”

The short film features illustrations, graphics and voiceovers by children, who worked with the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families on the project.

“Everyone knows how to look after our physical health, but looking after our mental health is just as important because you can’t see it, you need to talk about it,” says one child.

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The youngsters also offer their coping measures for feeling stressed, giggling as they talk about getting KFC or taking a bath.

See the young royals talking about mental health in the video below.

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