Kate Walsh Offers Update About Her Health After Revealing She Had a Brain Tumor

Kate Walsh
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The 50-year-old '13 Reasons Why' star discussed her life after having a benign brain tumor removed in 2015.

Kate Walsh "slow danced" with turning 50 and is enjoying a healthier lifestyle than ever, three years after having surgery to remove a brain tumor.

The 13 Reasons Why star sat down with Kathie Lee Gifford and Sheinelle Jones on Today on Tuesday to give an update on her health and a preview of the next season of the ongoing Netflix series.

"In 2015, I was diagnosed with -- thank God a benign -- meningioma brain tumor, which was successfully removed and I recovered from. And since then I have definitely changed my lifestyle and my health goals."

Walsh said she has since changed her health and her lifestyle, relying heavily on protein shakes.

"Protein shakes became, post-brain surgery, a huge, huge part of my diet, making sure that I get enough protein," she said.

She noted that her tumor was the same type that Maria Menounos had removed in 2017

Walsh also dished briefly on the upcoming season of the provocative 13 Reasons Why, saying that the series will continue to tackle difficult issues such as sexual assault, bullying and gender identity, but is likely to be more of a "redemptive story, a hopeful story" going forward.

For more on Walsh's 2015 diagnosis, watch the video below.